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Governance of WNUSP

The World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry is governed by Statutes which outline the purpose and aims of the Network as well as membership criteria, General Assembly rules, the election of the Board that governs the activities and affairs between General Assemblies, the conduct of Board meetings and various other governance issues.

WNUSP Statutes

The current WNUSP is as follows;

Board members are:

Jolijn Santegoeds                                 Co-Chair                                                Netherlands

Salam Gomez                                       Co-Chair                                                Columbia

Tina Minkowitz                                   International Representative            USA

Mari Yamamoto                                   Board member                                     Japan

Daniel Iga                                              Board Member                                     Uganda

Sam Badege                                          Board Member                                     Rwanda

Jagannath Lamichhane                       Board Member                                     Nepal                                                                     

Gabor Gombos                                     Board Member                                     Hungary                                                             

Alejandra Monge Arias                       Board Member                                     Costa Rica

Oh-yong Kweon                                   Deputy                                                   South Korea                                      

Amy Smith                                            Deputy                                                   USA                                                                         

Robinah Alambuya                             Deputy                                                   Uganda

Reinhold Hasel                                    Deputy                                                   Germany

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