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2013 Research Survey

The Working Group on the 1 April 2013  launched a Research Survey so as to hear the voices of users and survivors around the world. We encourage all users and survivors to participate. Together we can make our voices stronger. Simply download and return to


This is my Voice!

Research Survey – 4 Core Questions:

 What do you think are currently the most important issues and problems facing users and survivors, and people with psychosocial disabilities? 

What do you want and think that the World Network of Users and Survivors should do so as to address the issues and problems we face?

  • What do you think are the strengths of the World Network of Users and Survivors? 

 What do you think are the greatest weaknesses and challenges that the World Network faces now?

 The last section asks for some personal information. WNUSP has members in all regions of the world and it will help if we know something about the person providing the information.

Personal Information:

Do you wish to be anonymous?

Are you a member of WNUSP?

What is your name?

What country are you from?

Why or how do you identify with “users and survivors of psychiatry”?

Are you a member of any other user/survivor Organization? If yes, please tell us which one.

 If you wish to add any additional information or comment, please do so:

One Comment
  1. Our most important issues are: 1) Human rights, forced incarceration without trial and forced treatment. Thought we are supposed to be gaining ground, in actuality, there are more psychiatric prisoners, more medications, and a lot of force. There are more laws herein NYS then there ever were before which allow civil rights violations, including the invasion of people’s homes.
    2) Parenting rights for parents with psych disabilities and parenting rights to refuse services forced upon our children.
    3) Right to good medical treatment despite a psych diagnosis.
    4) Right to housing.
    5) Right to job opportunities and economic sustainability.
    WNUSP would be a welcome ally to local struggles.
    I don’t honestly know much about what WNUSP is doing which may be indicative of a weakness in the relationships between the organization and its membership. Is there a newsletter?

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