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 WNUSP Working Group 2013

A Working Group was established in January 2013 and mandated by the Board of WNUSP to coordinate a Capacity Building Project called “Strengthen Our Voices”. The goal is to further promote the abilities of  WNUSP to effectively carry out its purpose of being a global forum and voice to promote the rights and interests of users and survivors of psychiatry.

The members of the working group, from left to right below,  are Michael Njenga (Kenya), Salam Gomez (Columbia), Tina Minkowitz (USA), Moosa Salie (South Africa), Gabor Gombos (Hungary) Bhargavi Davar (India) Annie Ronn (South Africa) and Debra Shulkes (Czech Republic) 

  working group michaelworking group Salamworking group tina 2 working group moosa2 working group gabor 2working group bhargavidebra

 The Working group can be contacted on

A summary report of the Seminar organized by the Working Group can be downloaded here: Summary Cape Town Seminar Report

The full Report can be accessed here: Cape Town Seminar Report 2013

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