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South Korea Mental Health Law

February 6, 2014

south koreaSouth Korea mental health law has a very big problem.

It has been made a lot of human right violations.

By south Korea mental health law, the people can be confined to the lunatic asylum by their parents and a psychiatrists. A mental patient can be isolated regardless of their intention.

Most of them don’t want it, but it has been happened by the name of the law. Mental patients live in the terrible environment.

This law is usually abused.

Sometime, normal person is imprisoned by their parents and psychiatrist. Usually, the unnecessary involuntary admissions are happened in the south korea.

To make matter worse, involuntary confinement can be prolonged by psychiatrist and their father and mother regardless of confined person’s will.

It is always happened regardless of patient’s will and human rights.

By south Korea law, the patient can be confined by their father and mother’s agreement and one psychiatrist decision without patient’s intention. This law has been abused because of family conflict. In fact, the violence by parents usually occurs in Confucian culture and forgiven too easily.south Korea map

Involuntary admission and unreasonable confinement have been happened in south Korea by the name of the law.

Although south Korea is a constitutional state, this unreasonable events are happened in south korea.

it is a very contradictory situation. It encroaches upon people’s right that written in the constitutional law.

Although many victims want change of the law and claim their human right, the south  korea government don’t have any plan for fundamental change. Mental patient in south korea don’t have a Substantialrihgt to date of discharge. It is always determined by a psychiatrist. By korea’s law, to make matter worse, the person who imprisoned in hospital can be deprived their freedom of communication and visiting in the hospital. even though person is imprisoned unfairly in the hospital, there are no method to rescue the help.

In fact, the patients have been suffered exhaustive surveillance.

Forced medication are executed in mental hospital.

There is no effective checking method in the south korea.

There is no effective checkingAgency in the south korea.

This crazy things will not change without external help.

Because it is related to mental hospital’s monetary profit and parent’s authority in Korea Confucianculture. It can be a big money maker for psychiatrist. I think that it is just trash of the Confucian culture in the south Korea.

Mental patients and innocent victims in south Korea need international help.

I extremely plead for your help.

I want that south Korea mental patients and innocent person who suffered improper hospitalization recover their human rights and valid life.

Like Martin Luther king, I have a dream.

I hope that Korea unreasonable oppression by false authority about mental patient and victims disappears. I hope that false Korea mental law will chage like other country.



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One Comment
  1. Phillip Marc Fabre permalink

    You should keep an eye on some of the provisions of the UN Treaty for The Rights of People with Disabilities (the name of the treaty is a four letter acronym). If South Korea signed the treaty, there are steps that could and should be taken by parties such as yourself. Good Luck!

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