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Draft General comment on Article 12 of the Convention Released

October 4, 2013

The draft General Comment on legal capacity has been released by the CRPD Committee. Also the Draft General Comment on Article 9 of the Convention-Accessibility

The Committee invites DPOs and persons with disabilities, States Parties, NHRIs, independent monitoring bodies under Article 33(2) of the CRPD, NGOs, research institutions and academics to submit comments to the draft General Comments in writing in English, Spanish or French by 31 January 2014 to

working group gaborWe congratulate WNUSP Board member, Gabor Gombos, on his impact as Chair of the Working Group of the CRPD Committee on this issue while most of the substantive work was being done. Gabor comment to members: “A draft General Comment can be publicized only with a consensus from the entire Committee. Considering the pieces on liberty and torture this means a lot. We may want to plan for a well organised commentary action on this to ensure that the draft, with the further necessary clarifications, becomes a General Comment.” Also Gabor mentions: ” I also think we should pay attention to the accessibility draft as well. There is nothing there on our issues, while the draft on legal capacity makes a clear link.

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  1. manyironsinthefire permalink

    Does this mean they are interested in hearing it from a patient perspective?

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