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CRPD Committee establishes Working Group on Article 6

July 26, 2013

During the 9th session, April 2013,  and  the Committee held a Half Day of General Discussion on the Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities. As a result of this discussion with different stakeholders, the Committee decided to establish a Working Group to draft a General Comment on article 6 of the UNCRPD.

The declaration states:

“In view of the serious and systematic violations of rights brought to light during the half-day of general discussion, the Committee notes with alarm the evidence of violence, exploitation, abuse and ill-treatment suffered by women and girls with disabilities, the restrictions imposed on their sexual and reproductive rights and their maternity-related rights, and the absence of gender as a cross-cutting issue in public disability policies and of disability in public policies aimed at women in general.

The Committee therefore decides to establish a working group on article 6 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which will be responsible for preparing an exhaustive report analysing all the information submitted for the half-day of general discussion. The working group will also be entrusted with drafting a general comment on the issue.”



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