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This is My Voice Research Survey ends 30 April 2013

April 27, 2013

You can still participate and we encourage you to add your voice to the Survey that can be downloaded here:THIS IS MY VOICE RESEARCH SURVEY 2013

Suggestions have come from all parts of the world on how we can work together towards strengthening our collective voices so that we can works towards being  heard and so that our rights will be better  promoted and protected. To shine a bold light on the issues that affect us and develop closer cooperation.

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The sharing of information, resources and knowledge among ourselves is often stated as a vital need. Social media opportunities, regular newsletters, the development of blogs and websites to share information are perceived as important. Information that is independent and from a unique user and survivor perspective is wanted. Communication channels that are fluid and accessible are suggested. It is acknowledged that WNUSP has a reservoir of skills, knowledge, passion and talent available to the international community. Many of the leadership act as role models.

Some respondents suggested that WNUSP have an office to run the administrative tasks with Divisions dedicated to Human Rights, Research, Media, Fundraising and Information collection and dissemination.

Many called for strategies to be designed and that organizational structure be further improved.

Making alliances with like minded organizations and others that experience oppression was suggested. Highlighting awareness of the need for a human rights approach was often mentioned.

Some respondents encouraged that WNUSP take strategic litigation to highlight the failure of states to implement our rights.

There were calls to support local activists on the ground. Calls to educate the public and professionals and other human rights activists through our voice so as to raise awareness of the equal rights we have and the CRPD standards.

All our successes should be celebrated and shared. Our diversity can be overcome to set common goals so that we had strong voice in the UN System. Our strength lies in having a credible international presence and being strongly rooted in a human rights framework.

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